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Is it weapons that are the cause of all this fighting...

...or does the real cause lie within the human heart?

♔ Lacus Clyne
5 February 1990
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Lacus Clyne

Lacus is sweet, kind and respectful to everyone without prejudice. She is bubbly and playful when she wants to, but is rather naive and idealistic, choosing to trust that everyone around her is good and honest. Being inside an enemy ship, doesn't seem to sway her either. Her curiosity and adventurous side are her greatest weaknesses. She often ventures out of her room on her own even when she should be a hostage. She loves to help in any way she can. She is as calm serene and gentle as the very songs she sings. Her sincerity to bring people's hopes up, makes her a wonderful vocalist. She has a peaceful and innocent aura about her that draws people to her.

She loves making friends and pretty much, her life is like an open book. She is very compassionate and feels for both her friends and enemies. She rarely considers anyone an enemy because she rarely disliked people. Even people that should be her enemies, she was respectful to. For her, she didn't understand the necessity for Coordinators and Naturals to be divided. When someone dislikes her, she doesn't seem at all offended and instead chooses to understand the person. "Blame begets hate and hate begets more hate. When will it end?" She hates war and wishes only to get along with both Coordinator and Naturals. "What makes you as a person is not the fact that you're a Coordinator, is it? It is you. Coordinator or Natural... we are still human." She inherited her father’s beliefs in pacifism.

This pink princess continued to grow and mature as the series progressed. As gentle as she was in the beginning of the series, she was still very much a child. Her first realization of how serious death and war is was probably when she saw Fllay Allster's father die right in front of her. Her father and his people protected her from every danger, and probably kept her from learning about the ugliness of war. Before that, she probably just thought she understood and that was why she wanted to give the people who died in the Junius Seven. Unfortunately, one who has never seen tragedy can't possibly understand how painful it really is.

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